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Celebracadabra is an American reality television series on VH1 that premiered on April 27, 2008.[1] The series involves "celebrities" (as with many of VH1's programs, the contestant's 'celebrity' status is a matter of contestation) attempting to learn and perform magic. On Thursday June, 12, 2008 C. Thomas Howell was named Greatest Celebrity Magician.


Celebrity[2] Magic Coach Celebrity Status Show Result
C. Thomas Howell David Regal Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, TV Host and Radio Personality Winner
Hal Sparks Rocco Silano Actor and Comedian Eliminated Episode 8
Lisa Ann Walter Silly Billy Actress and Comedian Eliminated Episode 6
Kimberly Wyatt Murray Sawchuck Singer/Dancer of Pussycat Dolls Eliminated Episode 5
Christopher "Kid" Reid Derek Hughes Actor/Rapper Eliminated Episode 3
Ant Asi Wind Actor and comedian Eliminated Episode 2
Carnie Wilson Simon Lovell Singer Eliminated Episode 1
  • There were no eliminations in Episode 4 and 7.

Celebracadabra Elimination History

Order Celebrity 1 2 3 4 5 6 8
01 Ant Hal Thomas Kim Kim Thomas Hal Thomas
02 C.Thomas Howell Chris Chris Hal Hal Lisa Thomas Hal
03 Carnie Wilson Kim Lisa Lisa Lisa Hal Lisa
04 Christopher "Kid" Reid Ant Hal Thomas Thomas Kim
05 Hal Sparks Lisa Kim Chris
06 Kimberly Wyatt Thomas Ant
07 Lisa Ann Walter Carnie
Template:Colorbox The contestant won the competition.
Template:Colorbox The contestant was eliminated.
Template:Colorbox None of the contestants were eliminated.

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