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Doug Henning's World of Magic 1 was a TV magic special that first aired on December 26 1975.

It was filmed live, in front of a studio audience, and hosted by Bill Cosby and Gene Kelly.

It was Doug Henning's first annual magic special.

Tricks performed[]

  • Fickle Nickel
  • Juke Box Production of Bill Cosby
  • Birds from the Air
  • Parrot production
  • Vanishing Bird Cage
  • Owl Production
  • Close up routine including Card in Cigarette
  • Cut and restored Rope Trick with Cosby
  • Shadow Box Production of Julie Newmar
  • Sawing in Thirds with Cosby and Newmar
  • Shimada Parasol Act
  • Sands of Egypt
  • Torn and Restored Newspaper
  • Lori Liberman sings "Killing Me Softly"
  • DeKolta Vanishing Lady with Lori Liberman
  • Things That Go Bump In The Night
  • Houdini Water Torture Escape with narration by Gene Kelly