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Doug Henning's World of Magic 2 was a TV magic special that first aired in December 1976.

The show as filmed live, in front of a studio audience, and hosted by Michael Landon.

It was Doug Henning's second annual TV special, and had the theme 'Fire, Water, and Air'.

Tricks performed[]

  • Elephant Vanish
  • Doug appears from paper hoop
  • Appearance of beautiful girl from a fire filled box
  • Change of girl to Michael Landon in large cloth
  • Needle thru balloon with ribbon attached to needle
  • Cut and restored Clothes Line
  • Doug is mysteriously suspended in mid-air
  • Floating Ball
  • Appearance of Joey Heatherton
  • A bubble turns into a glass ball in mid-air, then the glass ball into a flower then into an egg
  • Linking Rings
  • Metamorphosis - Henning style
  • Ricky Jay and his cards
  • Production of girl from water fountain
  • Fountain Levitation of girl
  • Flaming Miracle
  • Doug brings back the elephant