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Doug Henning's World of Magic 3 was a TV magic special that first aired on December 15, 1977.

The show was performed live, in front of a studio audience, and hosted by Glenn Campbell.

It was Doug Henning's third annual TV special.

Tricks performed[]

  • Disappearance and reappearance of Doug on a motorcycle
  • Torn and restored cigeratte paper
  • Cutting to selected cards
  • Cut and restored silk
  • Coin routine
  • Broom stick floatation
  • Production of guest Sandy Duncan
  • Dancing Handkerchief
  • Sandy is made small
  • Toy deer is made into a live deer
  • Doug is made small
  • Vanish and instant reppearance of Little Doug
  • Sandy and Doug become normal size again
  • The Artists Dream
  • Levitation and impaling of Sandy Duncan on the point of a sword
  • Walking through a Brick Wall that was just built (10'x10'x8" - 7000 pounds) and 18 inches off the ground