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Eleanor "Ellie" Harrison (born 17 November 1977) is an English ecologist, journalist and television presenter.

Early life[]

Born to a father who was a carpenter, Harrison grew up in rural Gloucestershire close to Cirencester, where the family grew their own fruit and vegetables and kept chickens. She was educated at Sir William Romney's School, Tetbury.[1][2]

Whilst studying geography at King's College London, she was in a relationship with Nathan Hutchings, son of actor Geoffrey Hutchings. Through his father, Hutchings had contacts in Zimbabwe from the shooting of the Clint Eastwood film White hunter black heart, which allowed the couple to visit the country, where Harrison gained her interest in wildlife. She graduated with BA in Ecology and Geography from King's College, London in 2000.[1][2]


Whilst exploring a career as a country singer, Harrison undertook a series of temporary jobs to support her life, ending up as a secretary at Channel 5. Picked from a line-up to host the children's show Milkshake!, she turned it down, but a year later was chosen to fill-in for Michaela Strachan's maternity leave, presenting Michaela's wild challenge for over a year, during which time the show won a children's BAFTA. After this, she became a freelance television presenter, presenting across the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and the Discovery Channel.[1]

Harrison currently provides filmed reports or is a presenter on various TV shows, including: Countryfile, Country tracks, The great british winter and The One Show for the BBC; and Daily Planet for Discovery Channel.[3][4]

Personal life[]

Harrison has been married to physician Dr Matthew "Matt" Goodman since she was 27.[5] The couple married in early 2005, have two daughters named Red (b. 2009) and Lux (b. 2011) and live on a smallholding in Gloucestershire.[1][6] Although known as Ellie Harrison publicly, in her private life she prefers to be known by her married name of Ellie Goodman.


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