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Houdini: Unlocking the Secrets is an American magic sprecial that first aired in May, 1995.

Production illusion[]

On the beach, Jonathan Pendragon displays an empty frame. Curtains briefly close the sides, and when they open Charlotte Pendragon and Melinda Saxe are posing inside in matching thong swimsuits.

Under Water Chain Escape[]

Out on the lake, Charlotte Pendragon will brave the icy waters. Her brief swimsuit leaves no hiding places as she is shackled hand and foot. She must escape under water.

Explanation of Jacket Escape[]

Lance Burton explained how to get out of a straight-jacket and how Houdini was thought to have done it.

Sawing a woman in half[]

Houdini rarely performed his unique versions of this most famous illusion. Charlotte Pendragon places Melinda Saxe into a trance to recreate a baffling vertical sawing: Melinda's hands and feet remain in full view as the saw slices through her.

Thumb Tie[]

Back on the beach, Melinda Saxe does a zaney version of Houdini's Thumb Tie.


Houdini would be proud to see the speed that The Pendragon's perform Metamorphosis. If you blink you miss it all.

French Guillotine[]

In her tiny bikini, there's no place for Charlotte Pendragon to hide. Melinda Saxe straps her down, and uses a genuine French guillotine to slice off her head. Charlotte's head visibly drops into the basket.

Water Torture Cell[]

Melinda Saxe recreates one of Houdini's more dangerous stunts. Shackled and placed in water upside down, Melinda must escape from the small space before she runs out of air.

Needle Swallow[]

David Williamson goes crazy after swallowing a handful of needles.

Coffin of Death[]

Jonathan Pendragon recreates Houdini's dynamite escape. Wearing a brief silver bikini, Charlotte is blindfolded, gagged, cuffed hand and foot, and then placed inside a small wooden coffin suspended in the air. In 90 seconds a timed bomb attached to the coffin explodes: can she escape?

Vanishing Elephant[]

Charlotte Pendragon presents Houdini's masterpiece. A five ton elephant vanishes from the middle of the stage, with Melinda Saxe on its back. Melinda does not reappear.


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