Jilly Halliday

Jilly Halliday

Jilly Halliday (born March 12th, 1963) is a presenter on the UK version of the shopping channel QVC.

The daughter of jazz drummer Syd Halliday, Jilly began her career as a professional dancer. Having appeared in West End musicals - and sung in a girl band - she moved into journalism, writing reviews and articles for top London newspapers. From there she dived into the world of television and has been presenting on QVC since 1994. Jilly also regularly presents for many corporate magazine programmes and appears in training films for blue chip companies, as well as working as a voice-over artist.


  • While working as a dancer, Jilly spent several months employed as one of the featured assistants in a magic show. One of her parts in the show involved her taking part in the "Double Sawing" illusion. In this, Jilly and one of the other assistants were both sawed in half, and then reassembled with their lower halves exchanged.
  • She didn't have her ears pierced until October 15th 2009, when she had them done live on air. At the start of that month, QVC announced a special three-hour "Be Aware Show You Care" show in support of Breast Cancer Care that would air on October 15th, and asked viewers to suggest challenges for the various QVC presenters. When a number of viewers all suggested that Jilly should finally have her ears pierced, she accepted the challenge, and had her ears pierced live on the show.
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