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Magician Impossible was a 2003 TV special starring Scandinavian magician Joe Labero. Aided by celebrity assistants Linda Barker, Louise Redknapp and James Hewitt, Labero entertained passengers on a cruise ship touring the Mediterranean.

In addition to a selection of close-up magic tricks, Labero also performed a number of larger illusions, some assisted by his celebrity guests. These included:

  • A "Head Chopper" guillotine illusion, in which James Hewitt was apparently beheaded by Labero,
  • The Zig Zag Girl, in which Linda Barker was apparently divided into three and her middle section removed,
  • Sawing a Woman in Half, in which Louise Redknapp was apparently sawed in half inside a clear-sided box, and
  • The Bullet Catch, in which Labero apparently caught a bullet fired from a gun.

The show premièred on UK TV on December 27, 2003, and has been shown all across Europe.

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  • The version of the sawing a woman in half illusion using clear-sided boxes that Labero performs on Louise Redknapp is called Clearly Impossible. It was developed in the early 1990s by Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon. Labero's copy of the illusion was purchased from David Copperfield, who regularly used it in his 1990s stage shows to saw his wife, supermodel Claudia Schiffer, in half.
  • The Bullet Catch illusion is considered to be the most dangerous magic trick ever, and has resulted in a number of fatalities over the years since it's creation.