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Mischa Barton as Gladys Dalton in Law & Order:SVU.

Mischa Anne Marsden Barton (born 24 January 1986) is an English-American film, television, and stage actress, perhaps best known for her role as Marissa Cooper in the American television series The O.C.


Early life[]

Mischa Barton was born in Hammersmith,[1] West London, England,[2][3] to an Irish mother,[4] Nuala (née Quinn),[5] a photographer, and a Mancunian[6] English father, Paul Marsden Barton,[5] a foreign exchange broker. She has two sisters, younger Hania and elder Zoe, a barrister in London.[7][8] Her father's work took the family to New York City when Barton was six, and ten days after her twentieth birthday,[9] she became a naturalised citizen of the United States in 2006. Retaining her British citizenship, Barton in reference to her British roots states, "I actually feel more comfortable in England a lot of the time"[10] yet stresses that, "I like people to discern that I'm an English-Irish girl who grew up in New York."[11]

Barton graduated from the Professional Children's School in Manhattan in 2004, and took a summer short course called Acting Shakespeare at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, in June and July 2006,[12] at Sir Richard Attenborough's urging,[13][14] after he directed her in Closing the Ring.


Barton began acting at the age of eight (as she said on The Friday Night Project), co-starring in the Off Broadway premiere of Slavs!, written by Tony Kushner. She appeared in several other Off Broadway productions, taking a lead role in James Lapine's Twelve Dreams at Lincoln Center. She made her film debut in Lawn Dogs, which won awards at film festivals around the world. Since then, she has appeared in several films, such as The Sixth Sense, Notting Hill, St Trinians, and Closing the Ring. In St Trinians, she appeared as a former head girl of that school advising current senior pupils on fashion and style.[15] Barton first appeared on television in 1996, as young Lily Montgomery in the soap opera All My Children, and in a modern re-make of Bonnie and Clyde. She guest-starred in eight episodes of the television series Once and Again as Jessie Sammler's (Evan Rachel Wood's) girlfriend, Katie Singer. Other television appearances include an episode of the Fox series Fastlane, James Blunt's music video "Goodbye My Lover",[16] and Enrique Iglesias' music video "Addicted".[17]

In August 2003, Fox premiered the television series The O.C., about affluent teenagers with stormy personal lives who reside in scenic Orange County, California. The show became an overnight success due to its large fanbase,[18] and resulted in Barton's fame being increased through her role as Marissa Cooper. Barton departed from the show in the third-season finale in May 2006. The O.C. dropped in ratings dramatically during its third and fourth seasons, and ended in early 2007.[19]

In July 2006, Barton appeared on the British comedy variety show The Friday Night Project as a guest host.[20] In 2007, Barton appeared in the film The Oh in Ohio, and again in Closing the Ring. She also appeared in the R-rated comedy film Virgin Territory with Hayden Christensen. Later in 2007, Barton was cast in the international film produced by the Russian band t.A.T.u., called You and I.

In 2008, Barton appeared on the popular show Gok's Fashion Fix on Channel 4.[21] In the episode, Gok goes on an exclusive shopping trip in Paris with Mischa.[21] She appeared in Assassination of a High School President, co-starring Bruce Willis, when the film premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. The film was scheduled for a theatrical release in February 2009 but this was cancelled when the distributor, Yari filed for bankruptcy. The film received a TV premiere in Russia on 14 May 2009[22]. Sony will release the title in the US on DVD on 6 October 2009.[23]

She also starred in the horror, Walled In which was released straight-to-DVD in March 2009. Her next horror project, Homecoming received a limited release in July 2009. Barton failed to attend the premiere of the psychological thriller due to a medical issue.[24]

She also starred in Don't Fade Away, which is expected to be released in 2010. She began filming You and I, A t.A.T.u.-inspired film directed by Roland Joffé. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2008 although is expected to be released in 2010.

In a December 2007 interview, she indicated that she would return to television for the right project; "It's not that I dislike doing television at all. It would be interesting having more creative control over where the storylines go or the characters. But for the right thing, of course."[15]

In early 2009 she starred alongside Martin Sheen in Bhopal: Prayer for Rain a biopic of the Bhopal gas tragedy. The title is currently in post-production and expected to be released in 2010. Barton was recently cast in The Science of Cool.[25]

In a December 2007 interview, she indicated that she would return to television for the right project; "It's not that I dislike doing television at all. It would be interesting having more creative control over where the storylines go or the characters. But for the right thing, of course."[15] In 2009 she starred as one of the main characters on The Beautiful Life a new series on The CW.[26][27] The series was subsequently cancelled on 25 September 2009 after televising 2 episodes.[28] In December 2009, the technology company HP became the show's sponsor and began airing the show's five episodes on YouTube.[29][30]

Mischa Barton Lara Apartment 1303 3D

Mischa as Lara in Apartment 1303 3D.

She guest starred on a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode that aired on 3 March 2010.[31] In April 2010, she was cast in the lead role of the film adaptation of the novel, Engram in the UK/German production listed as a medical conspiracy action/thriller.[32] In July 2010 she was cast in the horror-thriller Into the Darkness.[33] A month later she completed a short shoot on the upcoming independent comedy-drama Beauty and the Least.[34] In November 2010 she began filming a new reality television show pilot for the Oxygen network.[35] She began filming The Sibling in December 2010, a horror film alongside Michael Clarke Duncan and Devon Sawa. Barton plays a high school guidance counselor.[36]

On 15 June 2011 she began filming Offline, a Lifetime television film. Barton stars as the protagonist whose parents were murdered 13 years earlier by a serial killer. Her life in seclusion is interrupted when she is discovered by her parents' killer.[37] She has also been cast alongside Rebecca De Mornay in Apartment 1303 3D, the English-language remake of the Japanese horror film, Apartment 1303.[38] The horror is currently in production, filming in Montreal since November 2011.[39] Her next role will be as the protagonist in Mark Edwin Robinson's supernatural romance thriller, I Will Follow You Into the Dark.[40]

In May 2012, Barton discussed her recent preference for the horror genre, following roles in Homecoming, Apartment 1303 and Sibling "I literally became obsessed with that genre. I can't tell you. Because I never watched it when I was younger; it used to be way too terrifying for me." However Barton added that, "I think I've gone through my little phase, for the moment."[41] In June, Barton appeared in the new music video of Noel Gallagher's Everybody's on the Run.[42]

In July 2012, it was revealed that Barton would make her stage return in an Irish production of Steel Magnolias. Barton will play Shelby in the production, which will premiere at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in September and will be followed by a nationwide tour.[43][44] After the premiere on 12 September, Barton received praise for her performance. The Evening Herald wrote "Barton sparkles from the moment she steps on stage...Barton's Shelby is instantly magnetic".[45]

She is scheduled to begin filming the independent drama, Fast Life in Los Angeles in summer 2013.[46]

On 8 March 2016, Barton was announced as one of the celebrities who will compete on the 22nd season of Dancing with the Stars. She was paired with professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev.[47] On 4 April 2016, Barton and Chigvintsev were eliminated from the competition and finished in 11th place.

More recently she has been critically recognized for her performance in Deserted,[48] a psychological survival story written and directed by Ashley Avis. Barton plays Jae, a young woman recently released from prison who goes on a soul-searching journey into the desert with her brother Robin, played by Jackson Davis. "Barton is well-cast, grounded and burdened,"[49] and "...delivers one of her best performances in years."[50]

Her most recent projects have included horror movies The Basement, The Malevolent, The Toybox and Ouija House, the dramas Papa and Painkillers, and the comedy Monsters At Large.


Mischa Barton Accessorize

Mischa models rings and earrings for Accessorize.

Barton has been in many television commercials and print advertising campaigns. Barton has modeled for companies Calvin Klein, bebe stores, Aéropostale, Monsoon Accessorize,[51] Dooney & Bourke, JC (Jeans and Clothes), European clothing line Morgan de Toi, Jaspal, and Neutrogena skincare products. She became the spokesperson for Keds Sneakers, substantially increasing their sales.[52] In Australia, she appears in commercials for teen magazine Famous and was the guest of honour at retail giant David Jones Tahitian Summer Collection launch.[53] She has also endorsed Chanel jewelry, appearing at a number of events for the brand. In a 2005 interview,[54] she stated that she liked the Chanel brand because they produced a large number of clip-on earrings suitable for women who did not have pierced ears, as she did not at the time. In 2009, having had her ears pierced for the first time especially for her role in The Beautiful Life, she modelled jewelry for the company Inspired Creations, including pierced earrings and their Waxing Poetic range of charms.[55]

In 2007, Barton also became a spokesperson for the SAFE (Skin Awareness for Everyone) campaign.[56] In addition, she lent her name to the TRAID campaign (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) in association with Visa Swap.[57] Barton was photographed in April 2007 for the Fall 2007/2008 advertising campaign for Italian clothing brand Iceberg, modeling with Nicolas Bemberg.[58]

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Mischa Barton on the cover of issue 1 of Twelv magazine.

In July 2008, she created a 14 piece handbag collection for online retailer, ASOS.com.[59] Barton was reportedly very involved in the line which retails from £20 to £145. She told ASOS magazine that she first discovered the website through her sister.[60]

In December 2008, Barton premiered her line of headbands released on the Stacy Lapidus line. The headbands cost from $90 to $200. She also has a handbag line for London-based Ri2k, which is sold in the United Kingdom and Australia only.[61] In early 2009, she became the "new face" of Herbal Essences.[62]

In June 2010 she was announced as the face of Philipp Plein couture. Plein revealed, “Being in the limelight for a young and beautiful girl, the looks of course always get a lot of attention, Mischa Barton got a lot and learned to live with her fame. For me it was the big challenge to again show her as a Diva, a Rock ´n` Roll Goddess”. The campaign will be circulated in international editions of leading fashion magazines.[63][64]

In October 2011 she appeared in a controversial photoshoot for Tyler Shields that was showcased at the Imitate Modern Gallery in London.[65] Artinfo remarked at the "sense of subjugation" in the raw-meat inspired shoot, "Barton is naked, lipsticked, and icily coiffed like a Duran Duran-era object of desire."[66]

In December 2011 it was reported that Barton plans to open a clothes and shoes store in Shoreditch, the store has the working-title of 'Mischa's Closet'.[67] In March 2012 she debuted a new line of clothing, accessories, cosmetics, and bath products on the internet called Mischa's Place. Barton has plans to expand Mischa's Place beyond the internet and is set to open a Mischa's Place flagship store in London at Spitalfields Market.[68]

In November 2012, she became the face of UUNIQUE LONDON, which makes bespoke iPhone cases and also launched her own range.[69]

Personal life[]


Barton's previous boyfriends have included Cisco Adler,[70] Taylor Locke,[71] Jamie Dornan and Brandon Davis.[72] In mid-2007, Barton briefly dated magician Brandon Silverfield, making a number of appearances as a special guest assistant in his Las Vegas magic show, during which she was beheaded by a guillotine and sawed in half in his Impossible Sawing illusion.[73] Media reports of her dating director Brett Simon,[74] were later shown to be the result of tabloid speculation resulting from Barton's close friendship with Simon. In December 2008, there were reports that she was dating The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard.[75] The reports were confirmed during the relationship by Pritchard; Barton only confirmed the relationship after the pair split in March 2009, writing on her blog: "I think Luke is a great guy, but the type better suited as a friend. We have a surprising amount of mutual friends in England and I don't regret our time together, I just couldn't keep it going."[76][77][78]

Charitable affiliations[]

Barton is currently the spokesperson for Climate Star, an organization that fights global warming through social and legislative activism.[79] Barton has worked with the home shopping company QVC to raise funds for women's cancer research.[80]

In 2006, Barton also became a spokesperson for the SAFE (Skin Awareness for Everyone)[81] campaign and also lent her name to the TRAID campaign (Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development) in association with Visa Swap.[82] Barton is an ambassador for Save the Children and the "One Water" campaign which brings water to remote locations in Africa, and is on the board of the "Lupus Research Committee" in Los Angeles.[83]

Legal troubles[]

Barton was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, and driving without a valid license on December 27, 2007.[84] She was stopped by the police during the early morning hours in West Hollywood, California when she was seen "straddling the lanes and failing to signal for a turn". Police discovered during the traffic stop that Barton "was an unlicensed driver and was driving while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage".[84] She was detained and released later the same morning from the West Hollywood Sheriff Station on US$10,000 bail.

On January 11, 2008, Barton called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest (KIIS FM) and took full responsibility for her actions:

"I was pulled over... just that. Obviously, I’m 100 percent responsible for my actions in this case and I’m really disappointed in myself... I don’t know what to say about it, except that I’m not perfect and I just don’t ever intend to do something this stupid again."[85]

Barton was subsequently charged with two misdemeanors: driving without a valid license; and a DUI.[86]

On January 21, 2010, Barton was sued by her New York landlord for refusing to pay three months of $7000 per month rent on her apartment.[87]

In August 2015, Barton sued her own mother for "breach of contract" and "theft" over a house they own in Beverly Hills, California.[88]

Psychiatric confinement[]


Mischa in early 2017.

In July 2009, after seeking medical attention for a tooth infection, Barton was sectioned for two weeks under a 5150 that allows a psychiatrist to involuntarily confine a person deemed to have a mental disorder that makes them a danger to themselves and others. She said of the incident, "If they feel you are depressed or a danger to yourself they can hold you on a 5150. I am terrified of needles and they wanted to pump me full of drugs and I said, "No, absolutely not. I don't want to be here," and got into a fight with the nurses, and that led to my 5150."[89]

In January 2017, Barton was found screaming on her backyard fence and voluntarily taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation with help from police and firefighters that were called to the scene.[90]

Barton has since spoken out on the Dr. Phil show on 3 April 2017 in relation to her mental health issues and her involuntary confinement, stating that her parents and management team admitted her to the Cedars-Cinai facility because they felt she wasn't equipped to continue working. Barton added that her team had been giving her prescription pills to help her meet her work commitments and the resulting exhaustion and anxiety of a hectic work schedule, in a year where she had only had eight days off.[91][92]


Year Film Role Notes
1995 Polio Water Diane Short film
1997 Lawn Dogs Devon Stockard
1999 Pups Rocky
Notting Hill 12-Year-Old Actress
The Sixth Sense Kyra Collins
2000 Paranoid Theresa Straight-to-DVD
Skipped Parts Maurey Pierce
Frankie and Hazel Francesca 'Frankie' Humphries
2001 Lost and Delirious Mary 'Mouse' Bedford
Tart Grace Bailey
2002 Octane Natasha 'Nat' Wilson
2005 Julie Johnson Lisa Johnson
2006 The Oh in Ohio Kristen Taylor
2007 Closing the Ring Young Ethel Ann
Virgin Territory Pampinea Straight-to-DVD
2009 Walled In Sam Walczak Straight-to-DVD
Homecoming Shelby Limited US theatrical release
St. Trinian's JJ French
Assassination of a High School President Francesca Fachini Straight-to-DVD
2010 The Science of Cool Jane
You and I Lana Starkova
Bhopal: Prayer for Rain Eva Post-production
Don't Fade Away Kat
2011 Engram Meg Winter
2012 Bhopal: Prayer for Rain Eva Awaiting release
Beauty and the Least Amy
The Sibling Jessie
Apartment 1303 3D Lara Slate
I Will Follow You Into the Dark Sophia Monet[40]
2013 Into the Darkness Allie
Year Film Role Notes
1995 All My Children Lily Benton Montgomery#2 1 episode
1996 New York Crossing Drummond
1996-97 Kablam! Betty Ann Bongo 16 episodes
2000 Frankie & Hazel Francesca 'Frankie' Humphries TV movie
2001-02 Once and Again Katie Singer 8 episodes
2002 A Ring of Endless Light Vicky Austin TV movie
2003 Fastlane Simone Collins 1 episode
2003–2006 The O.C. Marissa Cooper Seasons 1 - 3
2009 The Beautiful Life Sonja Stone 2 episodes aired on The CW, 5 episodes aired online
2010 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Gladys Dalton 1 episode, Savior (3/3/10)
2012 Offline Aiden Ashley TV movie
Music videos
Year Title Role Notes
2003 Addicted Love interest Enrique Iglesias video
2005 Goodbye My Lover Girlfriend James Blunt video


Year Production Role Notes
1995 Slavs! Vodya Tony Kushner play
Twelve Dreams Emma
1996 Where The Truth Lies Cinda
1997 One Flea Spare Morse

Awards and nominations[]

Year Award Category Television programme Result
2004 Teen Choice Award Choice Breakout TV Star — Female The O.C. Template:Award-won
Teen Choice Award Choice TV Actress — Drama/Action Adventure The O.C. Template:Award-nom
2005 Teen Choice Award Choice TV Actress: Drama The O.C. Template:Award-nom
Teen Choice Award Choice TV Chemistry with Ben McKenzie The O.C. Template:Award-nom
2006 Teen Choice Award TV — Choice Actress The O.C. Template:Award-won
2007 Prism Award Performance in a Drama Series Episode The O.C. Template:Award-nom


  • Barton's elder sister, Zoe, is a barrister in London.
  • Barton has three pets, a cat named "Angelo", and two dogs, "Ziggy" and "Charlie".
  • She was the first actress to audition for the twin roles of Hallie and Annie in the 1998 movie The Parent Trap. One of the reasons she did not get the roles was that she did not already have pierced ears, which was necessary for a key scene in the movie, and the fear of needles she had at that time meant that she was unwilling to have them pierced especially for the movie.[93]
  • She was underage when she performed topless and fairly intimate scenes with a then-28-year-old Enrique Iglesias for his "Addicted" music video.
  • At the start of 2005, she got a small tattoo on her lower back, just above her waist. Because she didn't get their permission first, the producers of The O.C. were initially very angry with her for getting the tattoo, but eventually decided to write it into the show and created the story about Marissa and Alex visiting the tattoo parlour in episode 2.10 "The Accomplice".
  • In early 2009, she had her ears pierced for the first time especially for her role as Sonja Stone in TBL: The Beautiful Life.
  • Her favourite food is sushi.
  • When she appeared on Japanese TV during a promotional visit to the country in 2006, she was asked to help out with a couple of magic tricks. After helping out with a card trick, she then took part in an illusion called Clearly Impossible, which involved her being sawed in half inside a clear-sided box.
  • The name Mischa is a common Russian boys' name. It is the Russian equivalent of the name Michael.
  • She is friends with Nicole Richie and has appeared with her on the cover of the Australian 'Who' magazine.
  • She's a big fan of magic, and is a guest member of the Magic Castle. On a number of occasions while visiting there to watch performances by various magicians, she has been invited up on stage by them to take part in various tricks including being sawed in half.
  • She had her belly button pierced especially for her role in Octane, but removed the piercing once filming was completed.
  • She was so impressed by British magician Dynamo, who entertained guests at the Fashion for Relief show in London in September 2008, she asked him to perform at her 23rd birthday party. There, he entertained her guests with card tricks and other close-up magic. He then closed the evening by inviting Mischa to take part in an illusion called Modern Art, in which she was sawed in half while standing up.
  • In 2010, along with her younger sister Hania, she took part in a performance of the Doubly Impossible sawing in half illusion, in which they were both sawed in half in clear-sided boxes and then had their lower halves swapped. Since then, Mischa and Hania have taken part in a number of performances of the Double Sawing illusion.
  • Mischa Barton in January 2017

    Mischa in 2017, showing her new earlobe and cartilage piercings.

    Having had her ears pierced in 2009 for the filming of TBL: The Beautiful Life, she then let the piercings close up again after a few months. In July 2015, she got her earlobes re-pierced, plus a cartilage piercing in the top of her right ear. Shortly after, she added a cartilage piercing in the top of her left ear, but removed it after just a couple of weeks. Then, in January 2017, she added two additional piercings in each earlobe, plus a second cartilage piercing in the top of her right ear. This means that she now has a total of three piercings in each earlobe, plus two cartilage piercings in the top of her right ear. At the same time as she added her additional ear piercings, she also had her belly button re-pierced.
  • She has a total of three tattoos.
  • As part of the preparation for her role in Apartment 1303 3D, she had her nose pierced with a small gold stud, but removed the piercing after just a few days when it was decided by the director that it didn't actually suit her character.
  • During a private tour of magician David Copperfield's private magic museum, she took part in a number of the illusions in his collection including the former Orson Welles Buzz Saw and Copperfield's own "Blade" Vertical Sawing. The visit came about as a result of Copperfield filming scenes for a guest appearance in an uncompleted episode The Beautiful Life in which he performed a specially created boxless sawing in half on Mischa's character Sonja Stone.


  • I do intelligent roles. I don't want to be labelled as doing silly movies. I'm more mature than kids my age because I'm constantly surrounded by adults.
  • I love to draw people's faces. I do that all the time.
  • (On how she ended up being sawed in half by a Japanese magician) He started off by showing me a card trick, which was really cool and totally fooled me. Then he asked if I'd be happy to help him out with another trick, and I thought it would be another card trick or something like that, so I said 'yes'. But, when they rolled the box out onto the stage, I knew that someone was going to get sawed in half, and I was pretty sure it wasn't going to be him!
  • I like playing dark, offbeat, quirky characters.
  • It kind of irritates me that I'm seen as this pretty face. People also say I'm too thin. The truth is pretty people aren't as accepted as other people. It comes with all these stigmas.
  • (When interviewed in 2003) No, my ears aren't pierced. I've though about having them done a few times, and almost done it a couple of times - but I'm such a chicken when it comes to pain and backed out each time! I'd like to get them done, because it can be so difficult getting good clip-ons, and I guess I probably will at some point, but no, they're not pierced at the moment.
  • When I signed up for The Beautiful Life and we were discussing costumes for Sonja, they asked me if I'd be prepared to have my ears pierced. This was because they'd done a product placement deal with a top fashion designer for Sonja to wear some of their designs, including several pairs of earrings which are only made for pierced ears. And, as I'd already been thinking again about maybe getting them done, I figured that maybe now was the time, so I said 'OK' and got them done a couple of days later.
  • (On filming her guest spot on Law & Order:SVU) When I showed up for the first day of filming, they showed me the earrings they’d got for me, and I had to tell them that I couldn’t wear them. I had to explain to them that I’d only had my ears pierced for a few months, and they’d told me when I had them done that I couldn’t wear anything but studs for the first six months, because thin wires like the ones those earrings were on could damage the holes in my ears. So one of the runners had to dash off with them to a nearby jewellers that one of the costume ladies knew to get them switched onto some stud-style things that I could wear.
  • (On dating magician Brandon Silverfield in 2007) I guess nothing lets a guy know that you trust him more than allowing him to chop your head off with a guillotine and run a huge circular saw through your waist!
  • I guess the thing that's surprised me the most about having pierced ears is how much more comfortable pierced earrings are to wear compared with clip-ons. With clip-ons, they tend to pinch your earlobes and, after a couple of hours, you have to take them off and give your earlobes a rest. Before I got my ears pierced, I thought that pierced earrings would be really uncomfortable to wear, and that you'd feel them going through your earlobes all the time, but that's not true - In fact, I've found them so comfortable to wear that, when I'm wearing studs, I often forget that I've got them in and end up getting into bed wearing them, and it's not until I feel the posts sticking into my neck that I remember and take them out. They really are so easy and comfortable to wear, I wish I'd had my ears pierced years ago!
  • I know I sometimes get people saying 'what was she thinking wearing that?' But the truth is I'm happy with what I wear, and feel comfortable wearing it, so does it really matter what others think?
  • (On her character in Apartment 1303 3D) I like the character I play, Lara Slate. She's a really, really cool girl. She's very tough and boyish, and now that I'm older, I have a lot of that dude thing in me, where I was a lot more delicate when I was young. It's one of the first roles I've gotten to play where I was straight tough female, like, don’t mess with me.
  • I'm absolutely scared of needles, always have been, so I was really nervous as I felt the piercing gun start to grip my earlobe. I sat there thinking to myself 'OMG, I'm finally going to do it - get ready for the pain'. Then I heard this really quiet 'click' sound and felt the gun release my earlobe again. I thought something had gone wrong with the gun and she needed to fix it, so I was really surprised when she moved around to my other ear and I felt the gun grip that earlobe too. There was another little 'click', and the gun released my earlobe again. I just sat there stunned for a moment, and then said 'oh, was that it?' She nodded and I was like 'oh, wow, so they're done? That didn't hurt at all!' I felt like such an idiot as, for years, I'd been scared of the pain, and I'd never even felt the earrings go through my earlobes. Then, when she handed me the mirror and I could actually see the earrings in my ears, I just couldn't stop touching them. It was so weird feeling the earrings there and how they were going right through the holes in my earlobes, and that's when I knew for sure that I'd finally got pierced ears.
  • If there's one thing I love as much as acting, it's when I get to play at being a magician's assistant. I've always loved magic and I'm friends with several magicians, who all love getting me involved in their shows as the assistant in their big illusions. I've lost count of how many times I've been sawn in half, but it must be going on for around five or six hundred times. That's definitely my favorite trick, but I also really love the ones where they chop my head off with a guillotine. At a recent Halloween party I hosted, I dressed as Marie Antoinette and, at the end of the evening, one of my magician friends guillotined me. Seeing my head actually drop into the basket really freaked everyone out, and they were absolutely amazed when he picked my head up out of the basket, balanced it on a silver tray and carried it around the room with me grinning like an absolute idiot!
  • Because he knew I was such a big magic fan, David Copperfield once invited me for a tour around his private magic museum. He's got some really amazing stuff there, both his own illusions and stuff that used to belong to some of the real greats in magic like Harry Houdini. While I was there, he even performed some of the illusions on me, including the Buzz Saw trick that used to belong to Orson Welles and that he used to saw Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe in half, and that David had used on Claudia Schiffer and others. Feeling that spinning circular saw blade passing through my waist and knowing that very blade had also cut such icons as Rita, Marilyn and Claudia in half was a really special moment. But by far the strangest experience was when he performed his vertical sawing on me. I've been sawed in half hundreds of times through my waist, but this was the first and only time I'd been sawed lengthways from head to toe and divided into left and right halves - a very strange feeling indeed!


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