Showgirls of Magic was a magic themed Las Vegas production show, featuring an all female cast.

Created by producer Bonnie Saxe, it initially featured her daughter, Melinda Saxe. Later versions of the show featured other female magicians, or had no named 'star'.

Conceived and originally staged as a traditional nude revue, the show also offered a 'family' matinee performance, and was even featured in childrens' television show Just Imagine.

David Saxe, son of Bonnie and brother of Melinda, took over the show as part of his David Saxe Productions roster, and refreshed the show with new illusions by Thom Rubino. Other headliners featured, but it finally closed in 2005.

'Showgirls' is credited as the inspiration for later nude magic shows featuring Scarlett, Princess of Magic, and the failed Centerfolds of Magic.


A 2005 review for Virtual Magic described the show as comprising:

  • Appearance of the five Showgirls of Magic.
  • Dove balloon, with the dove turned into a scarf, which turned back into a dove when thrown into the air.
  • Vosticube, with the assistant passing out her costume and emerging topless.
  • The appearance of a topless showgirl in an empty box raised high over the stage.
  • Double sawing of the two topless showgirls
  • An audience participation routine in which a spectator is tied on an upright bed. A magical comedy with two girls dancing around him and around him with a final scarf/underwear gag.
  • Mismade
  • The transformation of models in the pages of an erotic magazine, followed by the same trick on a girl on stage.
  • The appearance of four girls from stacked crates.
  • Shrinker
  • Comedy magic with balloons
  • Fire magic
  • Double Cremation
  • Slate prediction by asking questions naughty spectators.
  • Metamorphsis, with the assistant emerging nude.
  • Another audience participation section: a spectator is invited to a romantic meal in which bottle of ketchup disappear, the showgirls produce pop corn, doves from a pan.
  • Zombie Ball
  • Impaled
  • An interlude of comedy from Steve Tiny Bubbles
  • De Kolta Chair, with reappearance in a water tank.
  • Asrah levitation
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