Sophie Howard
(born 24 February 1983) is a glamour model, and burlesque artist from Southport, England. She appears regularly on Page Three and inlads mags like Maxim, Zoo Weekly and Loaded.

She is noted for her large, natural breasts and has often been photographed with other big-bust models like Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh. In August 2005 Howard was voted number 1 in Loaded magazine's "Most Beautiful Breasts" poll, and in the same year she was voted 73rd in the UK 'FHM' 100 Sexiest Women poll. In the 2006 poll she rose to 68th place. Howard has featured on the cover of Loaded more than any other model, appearing five times - beating Jordan by one cover.

Biography Edit

Sophie Howard was born and raised in Southport, England. She attended Christ the King Catholic High school, and was in the Salvation Army until she was 16.

At 17, she became a stripper, at first a "rubbish" one; "I’d go on the stage, dance around a bit, get my tits out, then get off. Well, with lapdancing you had to put in three minutes, but if the guy was a bit minging, you made it last one-and-a-half. If they were hot, you’d do it all night!" She explained she became a stripper because "At that time of your life you need to start trying out new things and see where it takes you. You never know, maybe one day I’ll go back to the uniform. Thinking about it, what I’m doing now is probably very blasphemous. Ah, He’ll forgive me anyway!"

Sophie studied English Language and Creative Writing at University, later swapping to Marketing Information Systems. During this time she signed to the IMM modelling agency, and appeared in Loaded in their "Almost Famous" and "Sauna Babes" sections. She was discovered by Loaded when they invited her to appear in their popular Sauna Girls feature, after Howard sent them amateur photographs of herself wearing a PVC catsuit. A growing fan base meant that by December 2005 Howard had risen to the cover of the magazine.

Howard's popularity took off after she became associated with Jeany Savage, a glamour photographer with the Daily Star, where she worked for around a year. She subsequently signed a contract with Loaded, resulting in a relationship advice column and a regular feature called "Sophie's Choice". She began to appear in other lads mags, including Zoo, Nuts, and Front.

Late in 2006, Howard signed an deals with Nuts, Maxim and Bizarre.

Howard has begun to make appearances on TV and Radio, but has denied she plans to release a single.

Personal lifeEdit

She has twelve tattoos; a heart behind her ear, a star on her wrist, three stars descending on her back, various on her ankles and a grenade on her right ribs. She got the wrist star aged 18 to see what it would be like. The back stars made her feel ticklish but it was painful when she got the ankle ones. The grenade, which she wanted to look like Banksy, took two hours and made her feel sleepy when applied. She loves old Nintendo games and has a standby switch and Super Mario mushroom on her ankles to represent power and life respectively. She also has Internet inspired symbols of a heart and a broken heart. She looks at SuicideGirls for more ideas.[1]

Her bra size was 34G, but around 2007 she lost weight and became a 32F.[2]

She is bisexual, having engaged in a threesome with a couple while holidaying in Ayia Napa.[3]

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