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The Spiker is an illusion where it appears that a person has been penetrated or impaled by a number of spikes. The original version was one of the many illusions developed by British magician P.T. Selbit.


Mini Spiker

Lightbulb Penetration

Lightbulb penetration

The Lightbulb Penetration Illusion, sometimes known as Neon Nightlife is a variation on the full-sized Spiker illusion in which it appears the person in the illusion is being penetrated by illuminated lightbulbs, rather than by metal spikes.

Lightbulbs Through Girl

As the full-sized Lightbulb Penetration illusion is a large piece of equipment that is not easily transportable, a smaller and lighter version of the illusion also exists, known as Lightbulbs Through Girl. In this illusion, rather than having a full-sized cabinet that the girl climbs inside, it uses a set of lightweight stocks that the girl holds around her waist. The magician then takes a handle carrying four illuminated neon tubes and inserts them into the stocks, forcing them through the girl's waist. Needing no special training for the assistant, this illusion can easily be performed using an audience volunteer or celebrity assistant.


Tridente de Luz Ilusionista Mario Kamia

Mario Kamia performs the Franz Harary "Trident" illusion on his regular assistant Diny Oliveira.

Magician and illusion designer Franz Harary has developed a more advanced variation on this version of the illusion sometimes referred to as the "pitchfork" or "trident" version due to the fact that the neon tubes (in this case just three of them), are attached to a long handle. In some performances of this version of the illusion, such as Harary's own, after the neon tubes have been thrust through the assistant, the stocks are removed, showing the tubes passing right through the assistant's body.

Notable Performances


Mini Spiker

  • This was one of the illusions Hans Klok performed on actress Pamela Anderson when she acted as his assistant in his Las Vegas show.

Lightbulb Penetration illusion

Lightbulbs Through Girl

  • Ilusionista_Mario_Kamia_Tridente_de_Luz

    Ilusionista Mario Kamia Tridente de Luz

    Mario Kamia performs "Lightbulbs Through Girl" on Ana Hickmann.

    Magician Mario Kamia, during one of his regular appearances on her TV show, performed the illusion on presenter Ana Hickmann.