Celebrity Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to the coverage of established celebrities, their work, and other associated events and activities.

To that end, the following subjects are considered appropriate for inclusion here:

  • Established actors and actresses.
  • Established singers and other musical performers.
  • Established stage performers, such as comedians, dancers, magicians, magician's assistants (where sufficiently well-known by their own name).
  • Established fashion models and supermodels.
  • DJs and other presenters on major national radio stations.
  • National and regional (not local) news presenters and reporters.
  • Selected other public figures, such as major politicians and sports people (but usually only where also known for other activities).
  • Movies.
  • TV shows.
  • Stage plays and musicals.
  • Other stage routines, such as illusions and other magical effects.
  • Other subjects as deemed fit by the admins due to their relevance to other entries.

As a general rule, to qualify as "established", a performing artist must have an entry either on the IMDb, TV.com or other recognised industry website. Musical performers must have had at least one entry in the "Top 40" singles or album chart in either the USA or UK. Fashion models must have appeared in at least one major fashion or lifestyle magazine as a featured model, preferably on the cover of such publications.

The following are NOT considered suitable for inclusion here:

  • Bloggers, vloggers and other internet influencers (with a few notable exceptions).
  • Unknown actors, stage performers, musicians and models.
  • Businesspeople.
  • Video gamers (including eSports figures).
  • Private individuals and others lacking suitable notability.

If you have any doubts over the suitability of an entry for inclusion here, please check with the admins BEFORE creating it.

Where an unsuitable entry is discovered, it will be immediately removed by the admins. Any editor re-creating a removed entry will be blocked from editing for a period of 1 week. Repeat offenders who repeatedly re-create removed entries will face longer blocks of at least 1 month, increasing in length for each offence.

Entries which appear to be probable self-promotion by an unknown performer or other person are also not permitted. Where discovered, they will be immediately removed and the editor will be blocked for a period of 1 month.

In all cases, the right of determination as to what is or is not appropriate content for inclusion rests solely with the admins. While you may not personally agree with their decisions regarding the inclusion or deletion of content, they are the ones who have earned the right to make those decisions. If you disagree with a decision, please contact one of the admins via their talk page. Any editor who acts abusively towards or otherwise threatens or attempts to intimidate any editor over decisions regarding deletion of unsuitable content will be subject to an immediate indefinite block.

Please use images and videos sparingly within the body of an entry. Too many images and videos in the body of an entry can mess up the formatting of the page. If you wish to post additional images or videos, please place them in page-bottom galleries, with image galleries limited to no more than 9 pictures, and video galleries limited to 3 videos. Galleries which exceed these limits will be edited to remove the extra entries.

Vandalism of entries will not be permitted. This includes wholesale page blanking, insertion of (or replacement of content with) pornographic or derogatory comments or images, insertion of statements of personal opinion about a celebrity or creative work, etc. Any editor participating in such behaviour will be blocked from editing for a period of at least 1 month, with the actual duration dependent upon the severity of the vandalism. In extreme cases this can include an indefinite block.

Abusive behaviour towards other editors or the wiki staff will not be tolerated. Any editor participating in such behavior will face an immediate indefinite block.

Due to past problems with vandalism by IP editors, many pages on this wiki are set so that they can only be edited by editors who have registered and created an account. If an registered editor engages in excessive editing of a page, or other behaviour that the admins determine may be an attempt to bypass the wiki rules, the page may be locked so that it can only be edited by the admins. Ordinarily, this lock will only be for a short period of a week or so, to allow the editor in question to calm down and reflect on their editing style and behaviour. However, in extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to permanently lock an entry. If this has been done to an entry that you wish to edit, please contact the admins to request the lock be temporarily lifted.

These are the rules as set out in July 2024, as determined necessary by the visions of the admins for this site and the past behaviour of editors. Future events may require changes or additions to these rules, so please keep checking back every so often to make sure you stay up-to-date with them.